I NEED my technology to jUST WORK!

It should empower my business, not hold it back.

Managing IT is a big distraction!

We need ONE number for all our IT questions.

We need to stop thinking about IT!

So our team can focus on what we do best.

We Make Technology Work

IT Strategy

Put technology to work for your team, so they can focus on what they do best. We'll build a custom IT strategy based on your needs.

IT Security

Gain peace of mind by minimizing the risk of major loss or disruption that can be caused by a growing number of security threats.

IT Support

Get the most out of your technology with the help of our friendly staff. We’re here to train and support your team every step of the way.

The Only Number You'll Need:

+1 (778) 383-6726

Have technology questions?  No more getting the runaround!  We deal with all of your IT suppliers on your behalf, so you don’t waste time and energy.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Andrew Lewry

Life before Clearbridge was an IT disaster. Everything was done off the side of the desk and there was never a clear road map.  Now we have a complete IT solution!

NorthWest Tank lines


I love that I can call and just get my question answered. It doesn’t matter how easy the answer seems for them or how crazy a question is, they respond with professionalism, friendliness and knowledge.



We had an IT company that had large clients and didn’t really care about us. We were not a priority. Clearbridge brought immediate response time, organization, and creative ways to solve our problems.


Ryan Burgess

Clearbridge responds exceptionally quickly and with precise guidance on how to resolve issues. This saves IT time, ensures our business and clients can communicate efficiently, and maintains our reputation.

Blueshore Financial

Serving Businesses In
The Fraser Valley Since 2005.

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