What our customers say

We form long-lasting relationships with our customers and support them through IT, Marketing, Finance and more.

Before we started working Clearbridge, we spent too much time trying to figure out IT or Marketing issues that took away from efficiency in my role.

The value that Clearbridge offers is unequivocal. You get more than just a service, you have a partner in technology all encompassing.

My favorite part about working with Clearbridge is the speed at which any issue or request is resolved, the team’s approachable and friendly nature, and feeling like I have a super friend out there in my corner that has a pulse on everything I need before I need it!

Sahar Salh, B.A., CLC, CIC

Business Manager, Essential Impact

Life before Clearbridge was an IT disaster. We had two full time employees with other roles meeting once every two or three months to discuss IT related projects and then walking away and forgetting about it until the next meeting. Everything was done off the side of the desk and there was never a full commitment to the projects or the end goals.

I never had to worry about project goals or timelines with Clearbridge. They set out a road map, checked it consistently and met deadlines with precision. I knew that what we agreed upon was getting done.

The staff are helpful, knowledgeable and extremely wonderful to deal with. Everyone that is hired by Clearbridge has an outstanding personality and strives for the best possible customer service while not only fixing, but teaching at the same time.

I can confidently recommend them to everyone I meet who has IT issues without a second thought.

Andrew Lewry

Former Director of Fleet Services, Northwest Tanklines

In life before Clearbridge I was a master at call centre ping pong. I had complete mastery of a game I never won.

Today I haven’t had the pleasure of call centre ping pong in over 3 years and I don’t miss it at all!

Thanks Clearbridge for giving me the gift of time.

Dave Busse

Executive Coach & Founder, Essential Impact

My favorite part about working with Clearbridge is the communication. We have constant communication with Clearbridge, via weekly/monthly meetings with action plans.

Their support line is always available for us to call or email. I am confident any issue or concerns I have will be addressed in a timely and efficient matter.

We have worked with Clearbridge for a number of years, they always provide us with further solutions or recommendations and work to deliver us superior service.

Veronica Henderson

Administration Manager, Northwest Tanklines

Our company’s life before Clearbridge was a real headache. We had an IT company that represented large clients, and didn’t really care about the smaller ones. We were not a priority. Clearbridge brought immediate response time, organization, creative ways to solve our problems, and integrated it all into one plan.

The team is dedicated to customer service, and they are so creative at trying to help your business succeed that you’d think they owned equity in it!

Clearbridge is really revolutionary in that they are the only business that can offer you a full breadth of business solutions without being equity partners in your business!


Parker Ray

Director of Operations, Worldspec NDT Training, a division of Hellier NDT

I love that I can call and just get my question answered. It’s real time learning right when I need it, whether it’s with my phone, my computer, some software or an opinion on marketing.

It doesn’t matter how easy the answer seems for them or how crazy a question is, they respond with professionalism, friendliness and knowledge.

I would recommend Clearbridge to my network for many reasons, including the ease at which it is to work with an all encompassing company. Marketing, IT, Tech support, Blogging to name a few.

I appreciate it all.

Marj Busse

Executive Coach & Founder, Essential Impact

Northwest employees were spending too much time dealing with IT issues, which is not a core function of our company.

We needed a solution that looked after our comprehensive technology requirements​ as our old multiple service-provider model was not working.

​Clearbridge seamlessly integrated themselves into our business.​ They really understand our needs and always look out for our best interests.​

Michael Perry

President, Northwest Tank Lines

With Clearbridge as my partner I can focus my attention on our business rather than IT issues.

Before Clearbridge we were just doing enough to keep our network running. Now we have a strategic IT plan in place.

Tony McMurchy

VP of Finance Administration, Northwest Tank Lines